Ryan Graham-Laughlin started RGL Productions, LLC in 2018 after completing his BFA at The University of Montana. He has a strong passion for filmmaking and storytelling. “It’s easy to walk on a set and begin learning how to tell stories through media. What college did was give me a chance to engage with and meet people who share the same passion.”

Ryan’s primary focus is sound. He’s boom operated and mixed sound for numerous shorts including “Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate” (available on Amazon Prime), “What Is Done” (Written and Directed by Michael Murphy) and Ladder Fools (Written and Directed by Ryan Schmitz).

Ryan also has experience in producing and cinematography. He worked for KPCN: Peer Connection Network while he was in college where he produced, shot and edited many promotional videos for the UM. He directed The Attempt (Written and Directed by Jon Paul DeRoulhac) and is currently in post production with his first film, “Zero Point”, in which he wrote and directed.

His current set up for cameras includes: Black Magic Pocket Cinema, GH3.

His current set up for sound equipment includes: Zoom F8 mixer, MKH50 mic, two wireless Sennheiser G4’s with Sanken Cos-11d mics.

Photography courtesy of Aaron Reckley and Laura Lovo.