Even though I was born in Seattle, growing up in Montana has made this place home to me. When I graduated from high school, I worked with my father doing drywall while also working a part-time job at a local radio station as an On-air Broadcaster. Working beside my father was a great opportunity. I got to learn first hand what it’s like to run a business while also learning how to be an honest, reliable, hardworking business owner. However, my radio job was what really peaked my interests in the media world.

After three years of working in radio, my wife and I moved to Great Falls, Montana, where she started nursing school. Seeing my wife, Clair, take on nursing school at the age of 26 influenced me to do the same. So I attended Great Falls College for two years and received my Associate of Arts. After receiving my AA, I transferred to Media Arts Program at University of Montana and moved to Missoula in the summer of 2014.

When I first attended UM, I honestly had no idea I was going to fall so hard in love with film. I initially was interested in music and graphic design. I spent an entire year taking coding, illustrator, photoshop and motion design before I took the one class that changed everything, sound class.

I quickly fell in love with sound. That semester I switched my major from graphic design to film. Every film class I took for the two years, I fell in love with it more, every aspect of it. In May, 2018, I graduated from UM with Bachelors of Fine Arts, Filmmaking, Summa Cum Laude.

In October, 2018, I started RGL Productions, LLC. It has always been a dream of mine to run a business like my father did. Not just to own one, but to run it successfully while upholding an outstanding reputation.